One Charlotte, NC arts and technology high school has helped prepare its students for their futures through the use of SkoolAide, a gamified goal-setting software platform. SkoolAide includes comprehensive personality mapping and career matching, behavioral motivational tools, and a communication channel to engage students and families in student work. It helps students set short-term goals they can achieve in high school to align with their long-term aspirations. These goals often result in increased student engagement and improved academic performance.

The student engagement and outcomes for segments of our student body and their teachers have been extremely impressive to witness. We’ve seen metrics for students improving their academic profiles .6 points (3.4 to 4.0), raising C’s and D’s to A’s and B’s within a single semester. – Principal, Charlotte, NC

SkoolAide provides these students with career guidance, goal-setting tools, and a way to communicate with their parents and mentors on specific goals.

Career Guidance
SkoolAide helps students identify their core strengths and interests through the RIASEC (The Holland Occupational Themes) personality and strengths assessment tool. Students’ results are then mapped to career paths. They can then further explore job requirements, potential colleges, professional vocations, and preparation strategies to help ensure their path to success within that career. “[SkoolAide] provides our counselors with invaluable data to help ensure that our students set realistic and timely goals for their post-graduation success,” said the Charlotte-area Principal.

Goal Setting
SkoolAide motivates students to achieve their short-term goals through its gamified, incentive-based structure and parent and educator encouragement. After creating their goal, students choose an incentive that will be rewarded to them upon completion.

Parent, Teacher, and Mentor Support
Students also recruit a team of parent, teacher and counselor advocates to support them in completing their goal. These team members can send them encouragement throughout their semester, congratulatory notes for hitting milestones, and provide additional help when needed. The SkoolAide platform also provides peace of mind to parents who may be unsure of how their students are doing throughout the course of the school year. “SkoolAide was easy to use. [My son was] motivated to do well,” said one parent, “I was worried about his grades and his future– all parents are dreaming for their child’s future– and now I know he’s going to college.”


About SkoolAide

SkoolAide Inc. creates gamified goal setting software that engages students in their own academic and behavioral growth. With SkoolAide, students set short-term academic or behavioral goals, identify potential incentives for reaching those goals, build a team of supportive parents and mentors to hold them accountable, and assess potential career options to ensure their goals build a path to the successful future they see for themselves. SkoolAide is proud to be a minority and woman-owned business and supports students through schools and mentoring organizations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Texas, and beyond.